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Tipo 55 Corsa

1910 - when Vincenzo Lancia was more interested in racing than making money. Read More

Lancia Tipo 55 Corsa Image


1937 - the year when Vincenzio Lancia died, and his biggest success to date was launched. Read More

Lancia Aprilia Image


1951 - Lancia introduce the first six cylinder production car engine, then give up racing after the death of their driver. Read More

Lancia Aurelia Image

Fulvia Coupe

1956 - financial problems force the family to sell the business, but a world beating rally car makes an appearance. Read More


1974 - by now Fiat own Lancia and they bring out a rally car so powerful that only professionals could tame it. Read More

Lancia Stratos Image

Beta Montecarlo

1975 - Fiat suffer a corporate mental breakdown and bring out possibly the worst car that Lancia ever built. Read More

Lancia Beta Montecarlo Image

Gamma Coupe

1977 - the insanity continues and Fiat ignore Lancia's tradition and try to make it into a luxury car manufacturer. They fail. Read More

Lancia Gamma Coupe Image

Delta S4

1985 - the ultimate superfast rally car is built for the ultimate superfast rally, which is banned after too many fatalities. Read More

Lancia Delta S4 Image

Thema 8.32

1987 - this is what happens when you take a luxury saloon then stick a Ferrari V8 in it. Read More

New Stratos

2010 - take a superfast rally car and rebuild it so it has twice the power to weight ratio of the original? Even Ferrari said "err - no". Read More

Lancia New Stratos Image

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