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Who are we?

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We are Peter Lodge and Darren Foster have been friends and car enthusiasts since we first met at college over 20 years ago. We initially bonded over our shared love of cars and it has been a firm theme of our friendship ever since. So much so that we decided to share our hobby with you by creating this website. We like all things to do with cars, but love it when an unusual car stands out and catches our eye.


I first discovered my love for cars when I was a young boy and my dad took me to car shows with him every other weekend. He adored classic cars and I loved the way they looked. I was allowed to sit in some and I used to dream of owning something like it one day. We still go to car shows every so often and Darren and his girlfriend join us sometimes.

I currently work for an insurance company and am married with two lovely children. Whilst I currently drive an SUV for practical reasons, my dream car would be a Porsche 911 Turbo, and I'm sure I will own one some day. I'd love to take my dad out cruising in it on the way to his favourite car show.


Watching episodes of Top Gear whilst growing up is how I was bitten by the car bug. Posters of super cars adorned my walls and I became fascinated by Formula One and knew all about the drivers and cars involved. I knew I had found a kindred spirit when I met Darren and we soon became firm friends.

I took my love of cars into my working life by becoming a mechanic at a busy garage. I enjoy going into work every day, but I also love to restore old cars at the weekend and have even made some money out of it. My girlfriend Pat even gets her hand dirty helping me from time to time! That's true love for you.

Peter appreciates the free car maintenance and advice I can offer and he often repays me and Pat with trips out to car shows and track days - I look forward to working on his future Porsche!! My dream car would definitely be a classic Jaguar E-type and I believe I can trade my way up to one eventually. We both hope you enjoy our website and we look forward to sharing our hobby with you - maybe we'll see you at a car show soon.

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