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Privacy Policy

This website is owned by Peter Lodge of Blackburn Technology Management Centre, Challenge Way, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 5QB. The person responsible for ensuring compliance with our privacy policies is Peter Lodge.

What data we collect

We collect two types of data about our visitors. Firstly there is information about every visit to our website which is collected automatically whenever anyone visits the site. We receive information about the type of device the visitor is using; this could be a computer, mobile phone, laptop or tablet; and we get information about certain software on that device such as the operating system and browser.

We are provided with a record of the pages which are visited, the time spent on those pages, and the IP address that the visitor was using at the time.

We can also collect data about our visitors if they contact us in any way. We may be contacted by telephone, email, text or contact form. If this happens we keep a record of this contact so that we can reply to the visitor's message.

What we use this information for

Information which we collect automatically is used by us to ensure that our website is running efficiently and to help us make improvements where necessary.

Information that we receive as a result of direct contacts from visitors is used purely to reply to any queries or comments that we receive.

What we do not use information for

We do not sell or rent any information about our visitors to any other person. Neither do we send marketing information unless this is specifically requested by a visitor. We neither use spam ourselves, nor encourage any other person or company to do so.

How we store information

All information which is stored on our computer systems is encrypted. We ensure reasonable physical security to all our equipment and no unauthorised person is allowed to operate or use any of our computers.

Information which is stored on web servers is similarly protected by up-to-date security software and hardware systems.

How we process information

We do not carry out any automated information processing.

Your right of access to information

We recognise your legal right to access any information that we hold about you and we will provide this to you upon request. We will require satisfactory evidence that you are authorised to view this information before it is released to you.

Your right to correct mistakes in our information

If you find any information that we hold about you to be incorrect you have the legal right to insist on this being put right within a reasonable length of time. We are fully supportive of this and will carry this work out as soon as is practicable.

Deletion of your information

We do not hold information about our visitors for longer than is necessary and it is routinely deleted. If however you wish us to delete any information that we hold about you and which can personally identify you we will delete it upon request.

Changes to our privacy policy

This policy will no doubt change in the future as legislation affecting privacy is enacted or altered. Any changes to this policy will be published in this document before they come into effect and you should therefore revisit this page from time to time to ensure that our practices comply with your wishes.

Enquiries about our privacy policy

If you wish to query any aspect of our privacy policy you should contact Peter Lodge in the first instance, using one of the means detailed in our 'contact' page.

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